Visitors Information


We welcome everyone providing that you are respectful of the people, the Community and its facilites.

Attached at the bottom of this page are the Community Rules by which all must adhere whether owner’s, their families or people just renting while on vacation.

Our Management team are here to assist supported by 24/7 Security who patrol on regular intervals for our protection and safety as well as those of you visiting.

  1. On arrival especially if late at night please be as quiet as possible. The same applies if leaving very early.
  2. Whilst we appreciate you are on holiday and here to enjoy yourselves remember others are here also for the same purpose but may want a more relaxed quiet holiday so keep the noise down. Security will be involved if late night nuisance is caused by noise or bad behavior.
  3. Make yourself familiar with the Community Rules a copy of which should be in your apartment, if not you can download them by clicking the link below.
  4. Do not leave rubbish in the corridors or in the gardens, bins are provide in the main street near the Security office,
  5. Towels and washing are not permitted to be hung over the terrace walls, use the clothes airer’s that should be provided in your apartment.
  6. If you have a car then park it sensibly in the street or if you have access to the garage then make sure you use the correct parking space for that apartment. The owner should have informed you of the space number which is quite clear on the wall.
  7. Children under 12 years must be supervised by an adult at all times especially in the pools.
  8. No one should use the small fountains / water features around the gardens as they are not treated for or suitable for bathing. We accept no responsibility if anyone especially children get an infection by ignoring this rule. We are sure you do not want to spend valuable holiday time at the hospital seeking treatment for eye and ear infections.
  9. Any damage to Community property caused by inappropriate behavior or children out of control will be charged to you.
  10. For those of you who enjoy cycling please note that they are not permitted to be left in the corridors or ridden / used in the gardens.
  11. If you suffer injury or lose property then contact Security their numbers are on all apartment Bloque doors, dial country code 0034 first.
  12. NO babies or small children are permitted naked in the swimming pools they must have appropriate swimwear nappies or costumes that prevent fouling in the water. Ignoring this rule you will be fully responsible for the cost of cleaning the pool.
  13. Dogs must be on a leash at all times inside the Community and fouling is to be cleaned immediately if they cannot make it to an appropriate area outside.
  14. When leaving your apartment please ensure you have the key in your hand before closing the door. Many people forget leaving the key inside and then you are faced with the expense of a locksmith costing anything from 50€ upwards depending on what he needs to do and the time of day.

Most of what is written is just plain common sense but sadly some leave this at home when on holiday so this is really just a polite reminder.

Below you will find pages of useful local information above that should ensure you have a good time. We have excluded Restaurants as they change hands often and standards vary. The general rule is that if they are busy then they should be OK.

The Community accepts NO responsibility for any links provided or their use.

Local Information

Buses, Trains & Trips

Service Companies

Hospital / Medical


Open Air Markets

  • Monday.  Santa Pola/ San Pedro
  • Tuesday.  Benejofar / San Fulgencio
  • Wednesday.  San Miguel /La Mata / Guadamar
  • Thursday.  La Marina / Rojales / Algorfa
  • Friday.  Torrevieja / Los Montesinos
  • Saturday.  Playa Flamenca / Santa Pola / Almoradi
  • Sunday.  Lemon tree / Montesinos

Embassies & Consulates in Spain